The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle...the symbol of the freedom and authority of the United States of America! #sanpetecountyfair, #manti, #rodeo, #announcerthing, #proudtobeanamerican, #belegendary2019

Wellsville Stampede Opening

 "One of my favorites! Monroe Magnuson has been one of my favorite announcers all year! I always look forward to the rodeos he announces at because he looks into every contestant and can tell a history of them before and during their run! He brings a lot to the show and this ceremony last night took my breath away! What a great way to start a fantastic rodeo! #rmpra #wellsvilleutah#flagceremony #grandentry #rodeo#proudtobeanamerican "  Facebook Post from LaDonna Pierce

A Tribute to our Veterans

A last minute tribute to the true heroes, the VETERANS.  World Class Buckin Horse Futurity.

2017 Cow Country Rodeo Opening

 I was told that the Legion would be presenting the colors in the rodeo & of course I expected a group of grey haired, gimpy elderly men to be doing it.

An hour before the 1st perf, a group of about 10 bikers, pony tails, tats, & leathers thundered into the lot. I thought little of it as Manila is crossroads to great camping.

As I started the patriotic portion of the opening, imagine my surprise as these men carried old glory into the arena. I was impressed, inspired and humbled all at once.

The "Grand Stand"

The Sanpete County Fair had to take down the 100 yr old grand stand at the the arena for safety reasons.  A large group of people were upset about the demolition and the community became fractured over the issue.  The committee asked me to write something to start the healing process.  This is what I came up with...The Grand Stand

Something a little differnt...MOTOCROSS

I had the opportunity to work for Live A Little Productions working a Motocross show.  Ive never announced anything like that before....but it was Awesome.  I couldnt help but pull out the smart phone during the show....something I never do.

Just A Common Soldier

I borrowed this video off of Facebook. Its an Veteran Tribute I did at Downey ID Lions Club Rodeo in 2017. Its Cut off a little fast, but I still like it.